Mahoroba Daibutsu Purin Honpo
Our Vision The inspiration for our products is the tasty and comforting sweets that my mothers made for me when I was a child. We would like to recreate those nostalgic flavors inherited from our mothers in the form of a variety of “purin” (custard puddings) and gift items featuring illustrations of Daibutsu, the Big Buddha, a symbol of Nara.


Welcome to the extraordinary, fairytale-like space. We are making efforts to make our shop a place where everyone visits with a smile and leaves with a smile.
“Kindness” is the top priority in making puddings The top priority for us when making pudding is “kindness.” We treat our puddings as lovingly as our own children. We send them off every day with a caring heart with a message of “Have a good day, be loved.”