Our Vision

The inspiration for our products is the tasty and comforting sweets that my mothers made for me when I was a child. We would like to recreate those nostalgic flavors inherited from our mothers in the form of a variety of “purin” (custard puddings) and gift items featuring illustrations of Daibutsu, the Big Buddha, a symbol of Nara.
The purin jars are designed with charming Nara motifs, making them perfect souvenirs to take home. On the bottom of the large purin jars you can enjoy a little fun from fortunetelling.
At the same time, we strive to keep our packaging materials and gift boxes for shipping as simple and cost-effective as possible, to minimize their environmental impact. We don’t like to spend money to create waste. For example, we use natural, unbleached pulp for our napkins.
Our takeaway paper bags and in-store coasters for purins are made from eco-friendly craft paper, decorated with traditional Japanese patterns. The circular motif on the coasters represents infinity as it has no start or end, symbolizing good fortune, which we are particularly fond of.
Various wrapping options, such as boxed or insulated bag packaging, are available for an additional fee. Please feel free to ask.

History of Daibutsu Purin

The origin of my wish to become a cake baker was the cakes my mother made: they still remain as treasures in my heart.
●November 26, 1996
Opened Pasta & Drink “Season”
●October 2005
Started selling Mahoroba Daibutsu Purin
●May 1, 2008
Reopened the shop as Mahoroba Daibutsu Purin Honpo
●July 17, 2009
Opened the second shop in Ezuya
●November 26, 2009
Celebrated the 13th anniversary
●July 1, 2010
Established Daibutsu Purin Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Company name: Daibutsu Purin Co., Ltd.
Representative director: Hiroyuki Takagishi
Location: 1073 Narazaka-cho, Nara 630-8104, Japan
Business activities: Sales of various custard puddings and ice creams, sales of original goods, operation of cafe
“To be a mother who enjoys life with smiles”
I was interviewed by the Nara Women’s Center for the “Challenge Site Nara,” which supports women who want to work, contribute to society, and take on various challenges.
As a mother of three children, I have been able to try many things, such as work, household chores, and childcare, thanks to the support from a number of people around me. The Mahoroba Daibutsu Purin was also born from these tries, thanks to the help of many people. My husband and I have strived to work every day with smiles on our faces. It would be my great delight if someone who reads my story is motivated to try something “new.”
●March 5, 2009
My husband and I gave a lecture at the Women’s Center in Nara. There was a surprise flower gift from our staff of Mahoroba Daibutsu Purin as well as we received very warm words from our customers. It was a very happy day for us.
●December 16, 2009
We gave a lecture at Nara Nissay Garden of Eden. It felt like a “one-day pop-up cafe” of Mahoroba Daibutsu Purin, and we had a wonderful time with everyone.
“Kindness” is the top priority in making puddings The top priority for us when making pudding is “kindness.” We treat our puddings as lovingly as our own children. We send them off every day with a caring heart with a message of “Have a good day, be loved.”
It is our great pleasure if our products can be a part of relaying of “kindness” even after the inside is eaten.
Putting something little and nice in the jar and you can present it as a sign of kindness.
Here is a story. One day, our friend in Tokyo filled an empty pudding jar with cough drops, decorated the jar with a ribbon, and gave it to a singer friend as a gift. I was touched by my friend’s thoughtfulness of choosing cough drops for her friend. It’s a lovely story.
Another lovely story is that, one day, a pudding jar returned to our shop with a message card which said, “I’m home
I said back, “Welcome home.” It made me feel very warm.

Related Links

Ivory: Yoshihito Takeuchi

Yoshihito is our beloved illustrator & picture book author who creates illustrations of animals and children featuring “smile.” He designed the caps for our pudding jars.

STU:L: Mr. & Mrs. Takeuchi

Photographer Yasuhiro and Bookbinder Kayo focuses on “family” as their concept. I met them sensationally in 2009, and they took the photos for our website. They don’t use digital camera but film photography which makes our puddings look warm and even more delicious.


B-Life is the designer and constructor of our main shop, “Purin Forest Cafe.” They helped us realize our long-time dream of “making pudding inside a pudding!”

Calligrapher Ishitobi Hakkou

A renowned calligrapher known throughout the calligraphy world and active on TV and in movies. He is my high school time mentor, who is always generous and kind. The Daibutsu Purin’s logo created by him is our family treasure.

Masa-kun from Ezuya, a specialist of making good matches

Masa-kun from Ezuya is known for connecting Sento-kun and Manto-kun (two mascot characters of Nara). He is a cool business person and the president of Meishinsha Co., Ltd., as well as holding many other titles.

Yoshiko Asahiro, editor in chief of Yomikko

Yoshiko is an influential female CEO in Nara. She is a central figure in many events in Nara and a role model for me. She was recognized as one of the Top 100 Tourism charismatic figures by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism. This website was created by Yomiuri Nara Life Co., Ltd., the company Yoshiko represents.